The Divine World Awaits

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This nine-card reading is unique to you and explores your personal life, relationships and work life.
Your reading takes place over the phone or via WhatsApp and will last around fifteen minutes.


From £22

Choose either a "wisdom" session with a guided meditation, reading and channelled messages or a "deep dive" which includes time for guided visualisation and healing.

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From £11

Take time out of your schedule to get back to your balanced self with an angelic healing session.
In this distance-healing session I take you on a vision journey to a temple of angelic healing.  Here you'll meet your guardian angel and others from the angelic realm and receive angelic, energy healing.
The basic session lasts for around 20 minutes at £11.
In a deeper session I will also use angel cards, crystals and Reiki alongside the angelic energies to create greater balance, wellbeing and calm.
This lasts around 40 minutes at £22.
Each session focuses on your needs at the present time and will last for around 30 minutes.
Contact me to find out more.



Are you seeking a deeper connection to Spirit?

Do you want to understand yourself better?

Are you keen to explore your life purpose?

In this 90-minute one-to-one call I will hold space for you to share your story, explore your strengths and goals, receive angel oracle readings, invite channelled messages and set intentions for your next adventure.

This call includes a follow-up email to summarise your session and guide you as you move on with your life's adventure.

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